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Ground Hog or Woodchuck or Marmot

Marmotte commune, Siffleux

Marmota monax

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    The woodchuck is a herbivore. Its body is usually 40 to 65 cm long. The colour of the fur is usually rusty brown with dark feet, but black, dark brown, blond and even white are not unusual. With their strong, claw-tipped paws, they can dig extensive tunnel systems that include a main entrance, lookout posts, a latrine chamber and a nesting or sleeping chamber.
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    The woodchuck is a true hibernator. Hibernation starts in late September, and by the end of October all are underground in their dens. They will not emerge until early spring. Woodchucks appear to be constantly on the alert when they are outside of their burrow. When alarmed, they will let out a shrill warning whistle. When they are fighting, seriously injured or caught by a predator they will squeal. They can also make a low bark and are also capable of producing a sound by grinding their teeth together.