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Ground Hemlock, Dwarf Yew

If du Canada, Sapin traînard

Taxus canadensis

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    Shrub of the Taxaceae family. Its needles are flattened and evergreen.
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    The yew grows very slowly. It is a medicinal shrub that contains "paclitaxel", a molecule found in the taxane family which is used in chemotherapy to fight against cancer. This molecule is found in the needles and branches. It takes 25-30 tons of yew to produce one kilogram of paclitaxel. The yew harvester should only prune the young shoots. Taxine is found in the bark, needles and seeds but not in fruits (arils). Public are advised not to eat the fruit. The seeds are toxic. The fruit attracts birds. (1)http://espacepourlavie.ca/en/biodome-flora/ground-hemlock (2)https://ici.radio-canada.ca/actualite/semaineverte/011216/ifcanada