Star Fish ©Roland Chiasson
220px-Asterias_rubens ©Wikipedia
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Boreal Asterias – Sea Star

Étoile de mer pourpre

Asterias vulgaris

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    Echinoderms are among the largest of the rocky shore inhabitants. In Atlantic Canada they include the sea stars, the Green Sea Urchin, and sea cucumbers. Sea Stars, like other echinoderms are highly developed animals that have a unique ‘water vascular’ system. The system, which employs tube feet and changing water pressures, allows these animals to hang onto rocks and grasp onto prey. Can grow to 20 cm.
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    The suction-cup-like ‘feet’ of a sea star drape themselves over a mussel, the sea star’s favourite meal. The tube feet wrap around the mussel while the stomach is extended. The mussel tries to stay sealed but eventually gets tired. The sea star opens the two valves and expels its stomach into the mussel, digesting its meal outside of its body.